Making any kind of thought-provoking content in these times is challenging. Now just the word “thought” isn’t what it once was. We’re in the age where the masses are taught to have only one train of thought. Big money corporations control all mediums of content creation. Posting content to mainstream platforms with commentary that goes against the mainstream narratives can get you banned or suspended from said platforms fairly quickly. I often wonder how these so-called conspiracy theorists these days still manage to have content up on all the major platforms. It kind of makes you think some of them aren’t so threatening to the popular narrative after all. In fact, some of them may actually help to solidify it. That’s an article for a different day.

Those of us who actually face censorship when posting content know just how frustrating it is, especially when you are just starting out or trying to build up your audience. Content creators run into a catch 22 of sorts. Do you just make content that mirrors what the mainstream outlets do or do you take a chance and be different? The creatives will always choose the latter. Anyone just copying the popular media outlets will be drowned in a sea of unpressed play buttons. The conundrum to the real creatives is that most people do choose to copy big media and the more thoughtful content gets lost in the mix. So many people think they’re stars these days and as a result, it clogs up the very narrow lane anyone has to get noticed in the first place. Add an era of rampant censorship to the equation and that metaphorical lane gets even narrower.

It’s not all bad though. There are people who are choosing to make their own networks and platforms. Anyone who started the process of owning their own platforms and networks before 2020 finds themselves ahead of the curve in that respect. I worked in and around the entertainment business in several capacities for over 20 years. I always worked for a larger entity though. There was always someone telling me what to do and what not to do. That is until a few years ago. I started my content creation journey on an independently owned platform. I started out by doing a weekly music business commentary segment called “The Beat Goes In” on The Mixtape Show with host DJ Kawon. I still thank him to this day for that opportunity. It allowed me to get my feet wet so to say in the content creation game. I was also afforded creative freedom which was a breath of fresh air to me. Everyone who wants to get to know who I am and how I got to where I’m at right now, I’ll post an older audio clip below from the aforementioned “The eat Goes In” segment where I tell my long painful story of trials and tribulations in a cold industry.

“The Beat Goes In — Let’s Talk About It” by Divine Thought

I say all that to say this. If you are passionate about creating, you’ll find a way to do it through even the hardest circumstances. Working through corporate censorship can be difficult but there are alternatives to the well-known platforms and websites. LBRY and ODYSEE are getting more well known and the uploading and streaming for static content are just as seamless as YouTube. The team that runs ODYSEE is easy to deal with and upon contacting them you’ll see that they really care about their creators having the freedom of speech they want. Another option is to find a live network to host your content. My current podcast “For All Matters” airs live every Wednesday at 11:05 pm EST on Kawon J. Radio. Located on the TuneIn app or by downloading the DJ Kawon mobile app. Again DJ Kawon has my back and airs my podcast without ever telling me to tone down my content one bit. This is key. Find a network of people with like minds and build a team. Talent supporting each other and helping spread the word about each other’s content grows the reach exponentially. When the average viewer or listener sees a team of people working like a well oiled machine so to speak, it conveys a message of professionalism. People are much more likely to check out content from creators that appear to be taking their craft seriously. The bottom line is don’t give up if you have a passion for content creation no matter how hard it seems right now. Find your niche and capitalize on it with vigor.

If you know of any other websites or platforms that respect free speech feel free to comment and let us all know. The more places we can post right now the better. Below is the latest episode of my “For All Matters” podcast. I’ve noticed YouTube takes away views once I start to gain them. Time will tell how long I remain on that platform, but my podcast is now available on LBRY and ODYSEE network as well. Do me a solid and listen to my newest episode embedded below. Share it across all your social media if you like it. It’s appreciated. Until next time … I SAID MY PIECE!



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