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It’s no secret to anyone who has heard my podcast or followed my career to know it’s been a while since I made a song. Yeah, I did verses here and there for promotional reasons, but not a full song. After being in and around the music business in one capacity or another for over 20 years, remembering what made you love the artform can be challenging. I’ve seen how cold and heartless this business can be from just about every aspect one could imagine. Keyword there being “business.” Once you’ve been around and witnessed the inner workings of the machine, it’s hard to not always treat music as strictly as a profession. When it’s a hobby, you don’t have to understand or even worry about all the meticulous details of what it takes to turn the creation of music into a profession. For a long time, I was creatively affected by what I experienced in this business as an artist. It was hard to remember the fun of it. Knowing firsthand the perils of dealing with major labels as an artist, being behind the scenes in broadcasting, and even helping other artists navigate the business, all I could focus on was the business aspect. It’s important to understand that making music is less of a hobby and more of a profession if your goal is to have fans and earn money from it.

It’s a Yin-Yang situation. One side is the business and the other side is the art itself. When one side grows larger the balance is off. There are people who identify themselves as artists that refuse to understand the business side one iota. On the other hand, there are people who say they’re artists but aren’t focusing at all on their craft and just see music as a cash grab. Major labels have long abandoned the formula of finding real talent to propel to the top of the profession. Instead, they’ve made it about gimmicks and theater because it sells. My advice to any artist coming up right now would be to never let the business take away from the art and vice versa. It’s possible to be the person that thinks just making the music part is the whole job. You need to also understand the business aspects and be willing to sacrifice and learn how to be a respectable professional worthy of being taken seriously. In 2021 and beyond artists need to be much more than just the people behind the music. To grow, especially independently, you have to connect with consumers on a personal level. They have to get to know you to be invested in what you do creatively. When you don’t have a corporate push the honus is on the artist to make that connection to the potential fan or supporter. Doing a podcast and just content in general keeps me creatively inspired while also growing an audience in the process.

I was recently in the studio helping an artist that I work with and found that old inspiration I once had to be creative. It’s been a while since I made a track and I’ve unofficially retired from making music years ago. I always knew that urge to record and create again would be there though. Not having the pressure on me from the business side while working on music is a first for me and has been pleasantly welcomed. Any music I make now just helps my overall brand, and for once being an artist doesn’t have to be the sole focus. I’m currently working on making my final EP but couldn’t wait to share my first single with the world. If you know my previous music, this track is very different and a departure from my normal material. This time around I will get as creative as I want to without a corporate machine dictating “what I can and can’t do.” The first single is titled “Mass Confusion.” The song fits the title. Mass Confusion has a blend of rock guitars, lyricism, a throwback Hip-Hop feel, and a little auto-tune. The track also metaphorically addresses the confusion that’s taking place in the world currently. The official visual and full song is embedded below. Press play and please share it across your social media and let people know you heard it. I appreciate all the support I get. Remember to also check out the podcast “For All Matters” hosted by yours truly every WED at 11:05 PM EST on Kawon J. Radio. (Available on TuneIn app and/or the DJ Kawon mobile app)

Until next time... I said my piece!



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Divine Thought

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